Why A 1031 Real Estate Exchange?

A 1031 real estate tax exchange is an excellent idea for people looking to sell real estate that has increased substantially in value, but who do not want to pay taxes on the profits. By working with a qualified intermediary, sellers can take the full proceeds of the sale and reinvest the money in another property and pay no taxes on the transaction.

Experienced In 1031 Real Estate Exchanges

At Jeffrey Feinberg, P.A., we have significant experience with 1031 tax exchanges. Attorney Feinberg has acted as the qualified intermediary in countless real estate transactions both in Florida and throughout the United States. He is readily able to help clients determine whether or not a 1031 tax exchange is a viable option.

Please note 1031 tax exchanges are authorized by Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. Because these property investments are regulated by federal law, the sellers in these transactions, the qualified intermediaries and the property in question, all do not have do be from the same state.

Due to his significant experience with 1031 tax exchanges, attorney Jeffrey Feinberg is frequently called upon to give lectures and seminars on these real estate transactions to investors and other real estate lawyers.

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