Have Your Real Estate Contract Reviewed

The most crucial aspect of a real estate transaction is the contract, itself. Whether you are an individual purchasing a new residential home or a business entity selling a commercial property, this is the heart of your real estate deal. Forgoing an attorney is not recommended in these situations as there are many aspects in a real estate contract that need to be reviewed.

Board-Certified In Real Estate Law

At Jeffrey Feinberg, P.A., our seasoned attorney can help you navigate your real estate transaction and more. As an attorney Board-Certified in Real Estate by the Florida Bar, he has an in-depth knowledge of both real estate law and the Florida market. He has practiced in Hollywood, Florida, since 1979. With such a large investment, you want to make sure your lawyer is experienced to help you get the most out of every detail in the contract.

Why A Lawyer Needs To Review Your Real Estate Contract

One of the initial steps in the real estate transaction is the signing of a contract. Both the buyer and seller commit to the terms of the transaction as well as any obligations each party will have before, during and after the deal.

Important terms in a real estate contract include in-depth pricing logistics, inspection details and closing date. As someone who is making a significant sale or purchase, it is wise to have an attorney review your contract and make sure the terms are fair and equitable to you.

There are also issues that can arise after a contract is signed. Having a lawyer at your side if a dispute does come up can make the process much easier.

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