Noncompete Agreements

Making sure a noncompete agreement is created with the right language and detail to protect a business’s interest is vital. This can be handled by a skilled business law attorney.

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At Jeffrey Feinberg, P.A., we have been helping individuals and businesses throughout Florida since 1979. Our attorney, Jeffrey Feinberg, has extensive experience and a long-standing reputation for seasoned legal counsel, particularly in small-business matters. If you are an individual who owns a small business or other type of entity that would benefit from a noncompete agreement, we can help you.

What Is A Noncompete Agreement?

A noncompete contract (also sometimes referred to as a noncompetition contract or clause) is an agreement between an employer and employee in the event the employee leaves their position. The idea is that the employer, in many cases a business, is protecting the business’s interests, by placing certain restrictions on the employee. This could be for trademarks, trade secrets or other confidential business information. The scope of the contract can include geography, time or other marketing areas.

The goal of a noncompete contract is not to restrict the employee to an unreasonable degree, only to the extent that it protects the business. Every contract is unique and our attorney can address your specific needs. Whether you require initial drafting, revising or enforcing of a business contract, our law firm can provide you with the skilled assistance that is right for you.

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