What makes a good rental property?

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When looking for a rental property, it’s important to know what factors to consider. Not all properties are created equally. It depends on your goals and how you plan to use the property.

Every situation is unique, of course. But below are a few things you may want to keep in mind when determining what is a good property to purchase as passive income for the future.

Types of tenants

First off, think about the neighborhood and the types of tenants that you may get in that area. For example, many people will buy residential rental properties in college towns. They know that there are going to be thousands of new college students coming to town every year, so it’s easy to find people to rent out the house.

Tax rates

Additionally, think about what the rental property is going to cost you. How high are the taxes in that neighborhood or city? Is there a nearby property that would bring in the same income but at a much lower tax rate? This may allow you to offer lower rates to your tenants, once again making it easier to find people to rent the space.

Area statistics

Finally, just look at the other statistics from the area. How many other properties are listed for sale or for rent? How many vacancies are there? What is the average rent price in the area? What does the job market look like and are there any plans for future development? The answers to these questions can help you identify prime areas to purchase a rental property.

Once you have determined which property you want to purchase, then you just need to know what legal steps to take so that things go smoothly.