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December 2019 Archives

Should I invest in a rental property?

Many people dream of having a way to earn a passive income since it creates freedom and allows investors to gain wealth over time. However, it's common for prospective investors to have hesitations and worries about taking the plunge, because they are concerned about the risk involved.

Why start-ups break commercial leases

When you start your business, you know it's not time to buy a property. This is a start-up. It's not a proven business model. You hope it lasts for decades or even generations, but you don't yet know how successful you'll be. You opt to rent a commercial space to get things off the ground.

Why do you need earnest money on a home purchase?

You've found a home that you absolutely adore and you've made an offer that you think is more than fair -- and then you're suddenly asked to plunk down a sizeable chunk of change as something called "earnest money" as soon as your bid is accepted.

What happens if a seller isn't out by your possession date?

You finally found the house of your dreams here in Florida. You are no doubt eager to start making memories at your new place, but waiting is usually part of most real estate transactions. The seller usually has a few weeks or even a couple of months before they need to move out of the house.


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