4 things to inspect before leasing or buying a commercial property

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Purchasing or leasing a commercial property is a big step for any entrepreneur. Since you will be running your operations in the location, you should be extra careful before closing any deal. And one of the steps to take is inspecting the property.

Here are four things to inspect:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

A commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) inspection analyzes function, safety and efficiency. The inspectors will check if the system is free of debris and air filters are up to standard. Further, they will evaluate the size of the ductwork – it should be of the correct size to carry a sufficient amount of heated and cooled air needed by the building.

Plumbing systems

You don’t want to deal with slow drains, blockages or low water pressure in your new property. Thus, you should get a plumbing inspection to assess the system’s functionality, condition and compliance.

The inspector you work with will look for visible signs of wear, damage, leaks, corrosion and clogs. 

Electrical systems

An electrical inspection is essential before purchasing or leasing a commercial property. Fire and power risks can be high in buildings. Thus, you should have adequate information about a building’s electrical safety.

Your inspector will check all electrical installations to confirm they comply with the safety codes. They will also look for missing breakers, exposed/damaged wires, wiring methods and so on.

Interior and exterior elements

You should conduct a visual inspection to look for cracks and other issues on the walls, windows, doors, roofing, ceilings and fittings. Besides aesthetics, this inspection helps you move into a safe building.  

Inspecting the above-discussed factors and more can help you avoid disadvantageous deals. You should also get legal help to make informed decisions throughout the process.