3 signs an entrepreneur should acquire commercial real estate

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For budding entrepreneurs and startups, expansion is a sign of success.

While renting office spaces might work in the beginning, there comes a point where acquiring commercial real estate is a smart move.

1. Workforce growth and space constraints

One of the clear signs that it is time to consider buying commercial real estate is when your team is rapidly expanding. Crowded workspaces can hinder productivity and collaboration. If desks start doubling up, and there is a lack of private meeting areas, it is a definite signal that you need more space to accommodate your growing workforce.

2. Stability and long-term vision

If your startup has reached a point where you have a stable customer base and consistent revenue, it serves as a strong indicator that you have solid ground to invest in your own space. Commercial real estate requires a long-term commitment, so having a clear vision for the future is crucial. If your business plan spans several years and you foresee growth, it is likely the right time to make the move.

3. Financial strength and cost analysis

Acquiring commercial real estate involves substantial financial investment. In 2022, office space rent and sales in Hollywood, Florida, totaled $39.2 million. Before making this step, ensure you have robust financials. Conduct a comprehensive cost analysis that includes the purchase price, maintenance costs, property taxes and potential renovations. Compare this with your projected revenues to gauge financial feasibility.

Buying commercial real estate is an investment in your business’s future success. When ready to take the plunge, take the time to find the right space for grow