Why hire a real estate attorney? Is a real estate agent enough?

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If you’re entering the real estate market for the first time or entertaining a new deal, attorneys bring peace of mind that others cannot.

Real estate agents know the market, but attorneys know the law. There are many legal nuances to which a real estate agent may not be privy.

1. Contract drafting and review

Hidden in the details of your contract could be language that benefits nobody, or harms you. Real estate agents usually leave the boilerplate language throughout the document, with only a few deal-specific details here and there. An attorney can fully customize your contract.

2. Decode possible fraud in inspection reports

Lawyers know words better than almost anyone. Usually, the two parties in a real estate deal are operating transparently and fairly. If, however, you come across a report riddled with jargon and lingo, you may need an extra set of eyes. It is possible that an unscrupulous person is attempting to hide property defects behind fancy words.

3. Maintain a competitive edge

Keep in mind whether the other party in a deal has an attorney on their side. If they do, you will certainly need one too, in order to match the intensity of the conversation and stay well-informed. If the other side does not have an attorney, your negotiating position will be all the stronger. According to DataUSA, property values in Hollywood, FL increased by 10.7% in 2020. As this trend continues, the need for a specialized advocate also increases.

An attorney has access to rock-solid resources in order to protect your interests and give targeted advice along the way.