How does the closing process work?

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Real estate closing happens once you reach the end of the process and sign the papers that will finally make the house yours by law. Due to the stress that house hunting can cause, people often feel tempted to rush through this step.

But closing is one of the most crucial components of house hunting. In order to end on a good note, you need to understand how the closing process works and how to make it as easy as possible.

Read all documents carefully

Forbes examines how you can streamline the closing process. The first and most obvious thing you can do is to read everything carefully the first time around. You may even want to re-read things several times. As the saying goes, “measure twice and cut once”. If you do the base research well, you will not need to spend time fixing mistakes.

Get things done early

Next, do your walkthrough as early as possible. If you get this done five days before closing, you can address any potential outstanding issues that you find with the seller. This lets you work through problems without feeling rushed.

Have contingency plans, too. Know where your leverage is. Anticipate what could possibly go wrong in this scenario and know what you will do to react to it.

Finally, seek legal help. It is the job of a real estate agent and legal teams who work in the field to know said field inside and out. They can provide you with any information you need and help walk you through confusing parts. This alone can save you enormous amounts of time and hassle, making the overall experience a smoother and better one.