What do you know about business renter’s rights?

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As a commercial landlord, you have plenty of responsibilities and obligations keeping you busy.  While you may understand your role in your agreement with business owners, do you understand the part business renters play?

Chron describes commercial tenant responsibilities and rights. Understand your business agreement from both sides of the equation.

The right to privacy

As long as tenants do not break the law, they have the right to use their commercial space however they see fit without landlord interference. Also related to the right to privacy, you must give tenants notice before setting foot on the leased space. This does not apply to emergencies, nor may a tenant irrationally withhold permission for you to enter the rented space.

The lease term

The rental agreement should specify how long the business owner may lease the space. If you do not have just cause, you do not have the right to evict a business renter before the lease terms expire. If the agreement does not include an expiration date, you must give the tenant 30 days’ notice in writing to vacate the premises.

The maintenance agreement

You may include upkeep requirements in the commercial real estate agreement, but make sure you adhere to the latest state law. In most cases, you bear responsibility for addressing electrical, structural and plumbing system issues. Other than that, tenants must strive to ensure the space remains in the same condition as when they signed the lease.

You must stick to Florida’s latest laws when creating commercial rental agreements. By understanding everyone’s legal responsibilities, you protect yourself and your tenants.