What are some important things to know about signing a lease?

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When renting, you should always make sure that you completely understand your lease before you sign it. In addition, it is essential to understand your rights and what things a landlord may include in a lease and what he or she cannot include in the lease.

When you go into a lease with a full understanding of the terms, it can make it much easier on you. If you fail to make sure you understand everything, you will likely run into problems down the road, which can impact your lease and occupancy of the rental unit.

Equal parties

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services explains the law sees you and the landlord as equals in a lease agreement. You both agree to the terms of the lease once you sign it. You both have equal rights and responsibilities as outlined in the lease. Do not expect a court to give you leniency because you are the renter.

Form of agreement

Oral leases are valid in Florida. While most landlords will use a written lease to avoid disputes, any oral agreements between you and the landlord are also valid. You need to be careful about agreeing to anything without putting it in writing.


A landlord may legally require you to pay a deposit, but you should get a receipt of any money you pay to him or her. Make sure the deposit terms are in the lease as well. You have the right to receive your deposit back within 15 days or within 30 days with a written notice of any money he or she kept from the deposit.