The benefits of a 1031 exchange

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | 1031 Exchanges |

If you are a property investor, you will know that capital gains taxes are one of the biggest limitations to being able to reinvest and grow your portfolio. This is why it is important to fully understand how to benefit from tax exemptions, as this can have a huge effect on the way that you are able to make progress as an investor.

Many people have heard of 1031 exchanges but have been unsure about whether they are eligible to benefit. Tax exemptions can seem overwhelming and complex at first glance, and this can make it difficult to approach. But 1031 exchanges can present many benefits that make investing some time in understanding them worthwhile.

1031 exchanges can help you grow as an investor

If you are simply wanting to sell your current property in order to invest in another, 1031 exchanges can be perfect for you. You will be eligible to do so unless the property in question is your personal residence and as long as you are investing in the same type of real estate. You will also need to buy and sell the properties within certain time frames.

These guidelines can be seen as an opportunity rather than a burden. For example, the time frames put in place can put you under pressure to reinvest and can prevent you from falling into the trap of analysis paralysis.

If you are hoping to grow as an investor without facing high capital gains taxes, you could be set to benefit greatly from 1031 exchanges. It is important that you look into your eligibility before taking action.