Florida’s commercial real estate scene continues to grow

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate Leases |

Real estate is one of Florida’s favorite investments. The values of housing and office floor space in Miami, Tampa and other big markets keep increasing right along with the demand. It’s really no surprise — with a pleasant atmosphere and easy access to key skills in the nearby labor markets, Florida is a great place to set up a business of any size.

Commercial real estate is also widely available, with offerings that are diverse in type as well as size and value. Now, a West Palm Beach mixed-use development is back on after two years of bids and zoning change requests. The owner recently applied for permits to build two towers that will hold apartments, hotel suites and 200,000 square feet of luxury offices that will be far removed from the clog of city traffic and have great views of the water.

Any business looking to lease commercial space must keep a few things in mind to make the right decision. The first comparative element in office space is the price per square foot per month for the rent, which can help determine if a space meets a tenant’s budget requirements.

The prestige of an address may matter to some select businesses. Plus, the proximity of a location to highways, shopping centers or homes can affect the quality of life for a company’s employees.

Consider including a lawyer on your real estate search team. An attorney is empowered to execute many of the required forms involved in a commercial real estate lease. In addition, an experienced attorney can make sure that you are making informed decisions and that your interests are always protected.