Sale & Purchase of Small Businesses

Florida Lawyer Handling Small Business Sale and Purchase

Dealing with the purchase or sale of a small business can be complex for the savviest businessperson. With the help of an experienced business law attorney, the process of the sale or purchase can be made less intimidating.

At the Hollywood, Florida, law office of Jeffrey Feinberg, P.A., our firm helps small businesses deal with the sale and/or purchase of their entity. We handle the sale and/or purchase including due diligence, negotiating terms of the purchase agreements, and representation at closings and any resulting litigation. Having represented the interests of entrepreneurs and small businesses for many years, attorney Jeffrey Feinberg and the rest of our firm understand the importance that a sale or purchase of a business has for all involved parties.

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It is important to have the advice and guidance of a lawyer when dealing with selling or buying a business. A lawyer can help you minimize risks such as the prospect of a sale or purchase falling through as a result of inadequate due diligence.


When dealing with the sale or acquisition of a business, you want to be certain the terms of the all the documents adequately describe the contours of the transaction, properly defining the terms to leave no ambiguity. Attorney Feinberg has a great deal of experience drafting and reviewing terms of complex documents. He understands the areas within these documents where difficulties may occur, and works to ensure your transaction is completed as smoothly as possible.

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